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Mitch H. Rader – Agent - 865-453-4675 | 865-453-9076 (Fax)

Tony Watts – Commercial Lines Agent – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-5145 (Fax)

Mary Cook – Life & Health Agent – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-5145 (Fax)

Samuel K. Cox – Agent – 865.604.8442 | 865.436.3123 (Fax)

Donna Kanzigg – Commercial Customer Service Representative/Office Manager – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-9076 (Fax)

Kathy Weaver – Commercial Customer Service Representative – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-9076 (Fax)

Jennifer Taylor – Commercial & Claims Customer Service Representative – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-5145 (Fax)

Debbie Loveday-Karner - Personal Lines Manager - 865-453-4675 | 865-453-5145 (Fax)

Jennifer Conner – Personal Lines Customer Service Representative – 865-453-4675 | 865-453-5145 (Fax)


Sevierville, TN Office
PO Box 4608
Sevierville, TN 37864


When A & W Concrete incurred a loss Mitch was the first person Kent called. Mitch was right there with us every step of the way to make sure we were back up and running without delay. I couldn’t think of a better partner for our business.

Robert & Mary John Tino were growing their business and with that they needed more employees. To retain great employees they wanted to offer a Health plan for them and their families that wouldn’t break the bank. Mary, their insurance agent at BOA wrote an affordable comprehensive group health plan tailored to their needs.

Our customers are great at what they do, like Whaley Eye Care who specializes in family eye care. Keith needed a policy that fit the needs of his growing business. Tony, his agent, worked closely with him to get a comprehensive business policy that exceeded his needs.

Being able to meet with your agent at your business can save time and money. Mitch takes the time to meet with Hollis Williams and is better able to understand his business and provide more coverage for less money.


Ray and Tammie Johnson did not have an employee group health plan in place. It was a challenge to design an affordable plan that was manageable for both the employer and employees. Mary had the solution. She implemented a cafeteria plan which made the health plan affordable while providing maximum benefits by using pre-tax dollars.

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